About Us

WUSC U of S is one of more than 50 local chapters of the World University Service of Canada (WUSC), a non-governmental organization that is dedicated to delivering and promoting education internationally and contributing to international development in a variety of other ways.

WUSC U of S’ primary focus is the Student Refugee Program (SRP), a highly successful program which sponsors three to four refugee students each year to relocate to Canada and attend university.  WUSC’s SRP is the only program in Canada that links Canadian post-secondary students, faculty and institutional leaders with this mission.

  • For students: we provide opportunities to learn how to organize and make a difference in the fight against poverty and inequality, as well as an opportunity to enrich their university experience by learning from individuals with unique and extraordinary experiences.
  • For faculty: we provide opportunities to conduct research and help implement development projects, network with like-minded faculty in Canada and around the world, and complete their research on our projects.
  • For university and college leaders: we contribute to the internationalization of campuses by placing refugee and fee-paying international students who bring a global perspective to the classroom.