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Welcome New Students!!

Back in September, our New Students Arrived!! We would like to Welcome Leilo, Deng, and Mohmud home!

Here are some photos taken at the airport upon their arrival!!

July Pool Party!

Here are some photos from the pool party we had at Gabriella’s house mid-July!

Farm Trip Photos!

We apologize for the long wait but here are some of the photos from the highlights of our farm trip at the beginning of July! To see more photos of the trip, check out our album on our facebook page!

Getting Ready to Welcome our New Students!

We’ve been busy getting ready for our three new students, who will arrive sometime in late August.  We decided that in order to give them an idea of where they’ll soon be living we would take some photos of the group around Saskatoon and on campus and mail them to the students in Kenya.  Hopefully they are as excited to move to Saskatoon, after looking at the photos, as we are to welcome them home.

Thanks to Brilene Greer for the beautiful photos!

Farm Trip 2014

This past weekend we had the good fortune to be invited to enjoy a weekend on a Saskatchewan farm.  We travelled to Jessica Brown’s family farm Friday night to relax and unwind.  Saturday was jam-packed, with horse and wagon rides, swimming, frisbee, soccer, hot dogs and a campfire, and to top it all off, fireworks.  We all went to bed exhausted and woke up… well, not exactly well-rested after listening to the cows moo all night and the birds chirp all morning!  However, despite the cows, birds, and the incessant mosquitos, we all agreed that we can’t wait to do it again next year!

Photos coming soon!

When Humanity Speaks for Itself WUSC Will Stand Tall and Proud

“As a former beneficiary of the SRP, I would attest to the fact that when humanity speaks for itself, WUSC will stand tall and proud of its service to humanity and the subsequent empowerment of young people from different refugee camps around the world.”

– Nathaniel Athian Deng, former sponsored student from the University of Saskatchewan and recent grad from the University of Regina

Find Nathaniel’s inspiring article, published with World University Service of Canada, here.