USSU and Utile Housing Survey

The USSU is currently collaborating with UTILE (Student Housing Implementation Working Group) on a study to better understand the issues affecting the Canadian student population, especially relating to housing.

To better meet the needs of university tenants, we must document the situation and put student housing on the radar of our governments. This project is the most ambitious survey to date on this subject in Canada.

The students studying at the University of Saskatchewan are being asked to answer this short survey, which will take less than 10 minutes. Whether you live in an apartment or with your parents, we want to know about your housing reality!

Personally-identifying information is never collected, all responses are anonymized, and data will only be used for research and non-profit purposes. The study will help advance knowledge about student housing in Saskatoon, in Saskatchewan, and across Canada.

To access the survey (available in French and English), click on this link:


Thank you for your valuable collaboration on this project. 

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