Congratulations to Dr. Nadim Lalani on the Dr. Richard Kohn Memorial Award for Mentorship

It’s a big week for the USaskEM program. In addition to congratulating our two latest graduates, this weekend at the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians Annual Conference we will be celebrating our own Dr. Nadim Lalani’s recognition with the Dr. Richard Kohn Memorial Award for Mentorship in Emergency Medicine:Nadim Lalani

While Nadim recently left our group for family reasons, the time that he spent in Saskatchewan will be remembered by our group and, in particular, the many medical students and residents that he helped to train. As outlined in his nomination letter which is published below, through mentorship Dr. Lalani has had a substantive impact on emergency medicine in Saskatchewan.

Thank you, Dr. Lalani. We wish you all the best in your new home. Please return to visit often!

Dear Sir or Madam:

Several definitions of the word “mentor” can be found. The most fitting definition for Dr. Nadim Lalani is “someone who guides another to greater success” ( It is with great pleasure that we nominate our friend and colleague Nadim for the Dr. Richard Kohn Memorial Award for Mentorship in Emergency Medicine. He is a leader in emergency medicine (EM) and has had a large impact on the continuing evolution of the field in Saskatchewan.

Nadim shows exemplary care and compassion towards his patients in all aspects of the service that he provides. He consistently goes beyond the expected; he has instilled this attitude in all of the residents that he teaches. The best example of this compassion is the ‘moment of silence’ initiative that he started in Saskatoon. Noting that the pronouncement of death following a resuscitation is traumatic not only for the family of the patient involved, but also for the staff, he proposed the use of a ‘moment of silence’ to respect and honor the life that had been lost. This act has been embraced widely and has become an expected part of practice in Saskatoon emergency departments. Furthermore, the act has been spread internationally since he presented the concept at the International Conference on Emergency Medicine in Dublin in 2012.

Nadim’s strong track record of mentoring students, residents, and junior colleagues in emergency medicine speaks for itself. As the Assistant Program Director, he is a core member of the RCPSC residency program in Emergency Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan. Not only was he the second Royal College certified emergency medicine specialist to work in Saskatchewan, he joined the Program Director Dr. Rob Woods in establishing the FRCP-EM residency program. He is the recipient of three internal teaching awards: CFPC EM teacher of the year, FRCPC-EM Senior Resident Teacher of the Year and the Professional Association of Interns and Residents of Saskatchewan Excellence in Teaching Award. Nadim has delivered countless lectures, presentations, and oral exams to students and residents. He is one of Saskatoon’s highest rated faculty for on-shift teaching and has likely never worked a single shift without a learner since the start of the program. Two residents in the U of S FRCPC-EM program who were mentored by Nadim have received the CAEP FRCPC Resident Leadership Award—a testament to his mentorship. His reputation for successful mentoring has spread and he has recently partnered with the Saskatchewan Medical Association’s Peer Support Program as a Professional Coach to residents and physicians.

From the beginning, he has been a strong advocate of physician-nursing collaboration and multi-disciplinary teamwork in the Emergency Department. Nadim believes in teamwork and open communication between physicians, nurses, paramedics and ancillary staff. He regularly lectures at nursing conferences and does bedside teaching with all health care providers. When patients present with complex problems Nadim has been known to say, “What do you think of this?” to gain another viewpoint or perspective to guide his actions. He is always willing to help when asked to provide input or assistance to his colleagues. With an active online presence, he spreads his knowledge through his work on social media using his twitter feed @ERMentor and his blog In this way, Nadim makes his material available to everyone, thus acting locally while simultaneously having a global impact.

Nadim shows unequivocal support and devotion to his colleagues and to the Emergency Department. He has achieved the designation of a Certified Professional Coach and is a pioneer in the field of physician coaching. He is a believer in the “new school” of professional development: that individuals are born to achieve and, through effective coaching, can reach their fullest potential. His skills have been sought not only by his local colleagues—residents, students, nurses, department staff—but also far afield with clients in the United States and British Columbia. Nadim recently was the invited speaker to the University of Saskatchewan Emergency Medicine retreat where he discussed the history of the coaching philosophy and guided the residents and staff in coaching techniques

Nadim offers mentorship to all those he encounters: students, residents, nurses and colleagues. He strives to make their lives better, both personally and professionally. Nadim truly believes in developing the best of each individual to achieve their fullest potential. His ability to help people realize the strengths they have within themselves and actualize this potential to achieve their goals makes him a worthy candidate for the Dr. Richard Kohn Memorial Award for Mentorship in Emergency Medicine.


Bruce Cload, PhD, MD, FRCPC

Damjan Gaco, MD
Paul Olszynski, MD, MEd, CCFP(EM)
Brent Thoma, MD, MA, FRCPC
Mark Wahba, MD, CCFP(EM), FCFP