Important Information on adding GUESTS to a course

Instructors can no longer add “guests” to their course.

  • There was confusion about the “guest” role.
  • People were being added to courses in the guest role, and in order to see items, the old “Permit Guest” and “Deny Guest” options would have to be set to control what they would see.
  • This action (“Permit Guest”) also made those portions of the course visible to the general public.

The “guest” role is not required as it was implemented. Setting the public access for items then giving guests the public URL to the course allows access to those items as required.  To avoid confusion, the ability to add people as “guest” to the course has been removed.

For now, place items into the PUBLIC folder which allows anyone to view the items. There is no need to add users in the “Guest” role.

There is still need for instructors to add visitors to the course WITHOUT opening up the course to the general public. ICT is currently investigating a solution. In the mean time instructors can either add the visitor in one of the instructor roles (Instructor, Teaching Assistant, Grader or Course Builder) if appropriate, or they can contact the ICT help desk to have extra visitors added to courses as a “student”.   The preferred solution is to have visitors properly register for the course as an audit student through SESD as that use case is handled automatically.

ICT is investigating enabling the ability for instructors to add students to courses themselves, but then only have the ability to remove students that they added. This needs the approval of SESD and needs to comply to any university privacy or other policy related to adding visitors to courses.