How to Roll Forward a Course from Term to Term – The right way

If you are teaching a course in one term and will be teaching the same or similar content the next term, or are working with someone who is, there are best practices to follow. The procedure to roll forward a course is the same as the one followed for moving a development course into a live course.

  1. Steps for Course Copy and recommended settings (see Copying a Development Course to a Live Course)
  2. Wait for the confirmation email that the copy has finished
  3. Update all dates in the new course (adaptive release, assignment due dates, etc.)
  4. Review all the menu items and make sure the “public access” is set correctly for each item. Only “Show to Public” things that are safe for the public to see.
  5. Test the entire course using the test student. The recommended procedure is to use the option to remove the test student from all courses, then add the test student back to this new course (so it is only in the new course), then log in as that test student and test EVERYTING in the course, noting any errors, missing images, etc.

To add OR remove the test student:

  1. Select Control Panel
  2. Expand Course Tools
  3. Select Add Test Student


Do not perform a “Course Copy” multiple times into the same course. You will be sent an email when the course copy has completed. Wait for that email to arrive before working on your course. If the email does not arrive within 30 minutes, please contact for assistance. Do not copy your course again as that can cause duplication in your course when both copies are finally processed.