Instructors: Tip of the Week: Announcements

Instructors, in order to take advantage of sending announcements via text messaging to those students who have opted in for this service, create the announcement using the Announcement Management link found in the Control Panel on the left side. Remember that you should also send the announcement via email so that those students who have NOT opted in, will still receive the announcement.
Once an announcement has been sent, edits are not possible, because the announcement is pushed out to the PAWS announcement channel. Instead, delete the original announcement and start again.

Instructors: Tip of the Day: File Attachment

The BEST way to get content into your course as an attachment is to:
1. Choose a location (Course Materials)
2. With Edit Mode on, select Build Content
3. Choose to Create an ITEM (Content)
4. Name the item. The Item is essentially a webpage.
5. Attach a file to the item.
6. Submit the changes.

Students – Finding Course Content

The new U of S Course Tools is customizable for each instructor. This means that course content may be organized differently in each class for which you are enrolled. The left side menu contains a link labelled “Course Materials” so check there first for course notes. You can find ANY uploaded content, in no particular order, in the Content Collection area. The Course Homepage contains a What’s New module or channel that will display announcements, and newly added content.
If you have questions, ask your instructor.

Instructors – Adding a Guest Lecturer to Your Course

Q: I wish to add individuals who will each be teaching 1-2 lectures in my
course. I want these individuals to be able to load notes on the class site
and send email to the students. Do TA and Guest both have these
capabilities or would I be better off to use Instructor for this?
A:You want to use the TA role. Guests are never allowed to see any user specific content, (e.g. grade centre, forums, etc.). This also applies to email. TAs are pretty much the same as instructors, except their name doesn’t appear in the instructor list.