Course Tools Email Settings

In the New Course Tools, instructors are able to email students and all others in the class by default, using the email link on the left side course content menu. Email is NOT enabled by default for students. Instructors may enable email for students by choosing SHOW LINK on the Tools page. Instructors may access the Tools page by selecting the Tool link on the left side Course Content Menu. Once on the Tools page, select SHOW link beside the Email tool.
Edit email settings using Control Panel > Customisation > Tool Availability > Email drop down Edit Settings.
Instructors may choose to SHOW the email link on the left side Course Content Menu. allowing students to send email from this link as well as from the Email link on the Tools page.
Email within Course Tools is sent to the user’s campus mail account.
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Course Copy

Do you have a development or test course that contains content you want to make into a live course? If so, we can help you move this content to an actual live course. All fall U of S courses are now available within the New U of S Course tools. Instructions on how to copy your development or test course into a live course you are teaching this fall are now available.
If you require any assistance, please contact the help desk at 966-4817 or email at