Work Plan and Progress

Needs Assessment

  • Consultation with stakeholders to determine optimal content
    • Literature review (March 2014 – Dec 2016)
    • Consultation with kidney transplant recipients
      • Study #1: Education before kidney transplant: What do patients need to know? 
    • Consultation with patients on the kidney transplant waitlist
      • Study #2: Health Literacy, Knowledge, and Patient Satisfaction Before Kidney Transplantation
    • Consultation with health care providers
      • Study #3: Education Before Kidney Transplantation: The Health Care Provider’s Perspective

Pre-Production/Production Phase

  • Development of the series by the Creative Team (Holly, Nicola, Rahul, Azaad)
    • Collecting and archiving of patient testimonials (Paraag and team, June 2015-Dec 2016)
    • Collecting B-roll footage (Paraag and team, June 2015-Dec 2016)
    • Storyboarding and Script Writing (Aug 2015-Dec 2016)
    • Recording of Narrations (June 2016-Jan 2017)
    • Animations (Vicki and team, Dec 2016-Jan 2017)
    • Editing of the footage to develop the first draft (Azaad, Raj, Jan 2017-Aug 2017)

Post-Production Phase

  • Reviews and revisions based on feedback from consultations with stakeholders
    • patients (in Saskatchewan and beyond), healthcare providers, ninth grade students (Mar 2017-Oct 2018)

Intervention testing

  • Randomized controlled trials to begin in Summer of 2018