To ensure transparency of the TransformUS process and to provide the campus community with a better understanding of the information used by the task force to inform its decisions, all TransformUS templates are being provided to the campus community (NSID protected). Templates will be added to this page over the course of December. Prior to being added to this website, templates will undergo an internal review process to ensure we comply with all privacy and freedom of information legislation, including a review for:

  • Personal information
  • Third party information
  • Information that could have political, reputational and/or economic repercussions

If a privacy/confidentiality concern is identified under any of the areas listed above, the university reserves the right to block this information from viewing. These incidents will be limited and the minimum amount of content possible to meet legislative requirements will be blocked out.

To view a specific template, please select the appropriate college or unit below, then select the program/service template you wish to view.

Please note, the ID number associated with file names is for internal tracking purposes only and does not correlate with any numbering systems within the task force reports.

Centre for Continuing and Distance Education
College of Agriculture and Bioresources
College of Arts and Science
College of Dentistry
College of Education
College of Engineering
College of Graduate Studies and Research
College of Kinesiology
College of Law
College of Medicine
College of Nursing
College of Pharmacy and Nutrition
Edwards School of Business
Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy
Office of the Assistant Provost IPA
Office of the AVP Facilities Management and University Architect
Office of the AVP Financial Services and Controller
Office of the AVP Human Resources
Office of the AVP ICT and CIO
Office of the AVP Student Affairs
Office of the President
Office of the Provost and VP Academic
Office of the University Secretary
Office of the Vice Provost Teaching and Learning
Office of the VP Advancement and Community Engagement
Office of the VP Finance and Resources
Office of the VP Research
School of Environment and Sustainability
School of Physical Therapy
School of Public Health
University Library
Western College of Veterinary Medicine