Analysis and recommendations

The Provost’s Committee on Integrated Planning (PCIP) will lead the analysis and implementation phase of TransformUS and develop a broad level implementation plan.
From February to April 2014, PCIP will be working closely with deans and unit leaders in particular to ensure all available resources are used (including all submitted feedback, the task force reports and additional data analysis) to propose evidence-informed decisions that will ensure the future success and sustainability of our university.

In this phase, PCIP will be focusing on possible actions, modeling their consequences, the time frame for their completion, the level of complexity and interconnection with other programs/services, and the potential savings and improvements in efficiency and effectiveness.

PCIP commits to:

  • develop proposals in a principled and evidence-informed way;
  • engage and inform unit leaders as they do so;
  • be mindful of our teaching and research missions, values and vision; and
  • to work with decision-makers and governing bodies so that decisions are considered fully, openly and fairly as allowed for by university processes.

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