Action plan

Outlined below you will find the TransformUS action plan and corresponding documents. The action plan identifies a set of coordinated actions which, taken together, represent the Provost’s Committee on Integrated Planning (PCIP)’s response to the recommendations contained in the reports of the two task forces and the $20-25 million target set by the president.

TransformUS action plan

The action plan is a high-level document outlining PCIP’s response to the task force recommendations and is characterized within four themes – simplify and amalgamate structures, focus on core mission, share services: work together across unit boundaries and incorporated prioritization into ongoing practice.

TransformUS project briefs (NSID protected)

The TransformUS project briefs outline cross-institutional and large-scale unit-based projects of university-wide interest, including scope, timeframe and critical success factors. The briefs are presented to inform the campus about the nature of the projects being initiated, although many are conceptual and in an early stage of development at this time.

Project briefs are at varying stages depending on how defined the project is at the current time. Executive sponsors are all members of PCIP. Project leads and working groups (where relevant) will develop a more detailed project plan to determine how to address the expectations set out in the project briefs by PCIP. In many cases, the projects will require significant input and consultation with the campus community.

Theme: Share services: work together across unit boundaries

Theme: Simplify and amalgamate structures

Theme: Focus on core mission

Theme: Incorporate prioritization into ongoing practice

Outcomes of TransformUS recommendations (NSID protected)

This document indicates how PCIP addressed all of the recommendations of the two task forces.