TransformUS reports now available

To access the reports, please select the “Task force reports” option from the main menu of the TransformUS website

Members of the campus community,

The TransformUS task force reports are now available online at, officially concluding the role of the task forces in the TransformUS process. I am impressed, as I am sure you will be, with the time, effort and careful consideration the task forces placed on their role in this process. I cannot thank the members of the task forces enough for their dedication to our university.

Each task force completed its report independently of the other, placing all academic programs and academic and administrative support services into one of five quintiles, ranging from candidate for enhanced resourcing to candidate(s) for phase/phasing out, subject to further review. For a description of the quintiles please see the TransformUS website. The task forces estimate that approximately 60 per cent of programs and services resources have been prioritized in categories that may indicate reduced resources, reconfiguration or elimination. The university requires $20-25 million in permanent savings, or approximately five per cent of our total operating budget from this process to address our projected deficit of $44.5 million by 2016. As such, the task force reports and recommendations are one important element informing the final decisions we make, although not the only element.

Today begins eight weeks of listening, by myself and other senior leaders, to the campus community in the consultation and feedback phase of the process. We encourage you to provide your feedback and reactions to the task force recommendations – information we can use to better inform the decisions we make.

I invite you to join me at one of the following town halls in January to provide your feedback:

January 8, 2014
Noon to 1 pm
Convocation Hall

January 9, 2014
Noon to 1 pm
Convocation Hall

January 15, 2014 (students only)
Noon to 1 pm
Graduate Student Commons

You may also choose to submit your feedback online at I am counting on the campus community to participate in a way that is respectful of each other, and of varying views and opinions in this phase of the process. I expect some people may wish to submit feedback directly to my office which I welcome, although depending on the amount of feedback received, it may not be possible for me or my staff to respond to every submission.

The consultation and feedback phase will close on January 31, 2014. Following this, I have asked the Provost’s Committee on Integrated Planning (PCIP) to lead the analysis phase and to develop an implementation plan on my behalf. Through this period, PCIP will work closely with unit leaders to ensure we are using all possible resources available to make evidence-informed decisions. At the end of April 2014, the implementation plan, based on input from unit leaders, will be announced to the campus community.

The final phase of the TransformUS initiative, a period of coordinated decisions and actions – will begin on May 1, 2014. Decisions will be implemented through the normal governance processes and will follow processes outlined in university policies, including employment agreements. Following this central coordination process, I anticipate that some decisions will begin in the 2014/15 fiscal year if they are within the decision-making authority of the unit leader, while others may take until the end of this planning cycle – April 2016 – and beyond to be implemented.

Provost Brett Fairbairn, Vice-President Finance and Resources Greg Fowler and I look forward to your feedback in whichever method you choose to provide it. Attached you will find a list of questions we expect you may have. If you have a question that is not addressed, please speak to your dean, associate vice-president, or unit leader, or contact us through

Ilene Busch-Vishniac

TransformUS_Frequently asked questions.pdf

For more information, contact: and

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  1. I’ve gone to the and see lots of news articles but don’t see any access to the reports themselves – what’s the secret to finding them?
    Thaqnks, Vivian

    • Hi Vivian. Please select “Task Force reports” from the menu at the top of the page to find information on viewing the reports and providing feedback. Thank you for your inquiry.

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