TransformUS reports to be released December 9

The U of S campus community,

We are writing today to let the campus community know that the task forces are on schedule to deliver their TransformUS reports to President Busch-Vishniac on the November 30 deadline.

As a reminder, our TransformUS task forces, consisting of faculty, staff and students at a position no higher than a department head or director, are volunteers who were selected through an open, institution-wide nomination process in February. Task force members have put in hundreds of hours of work since March in support of developing two prioritization reports with recommendations for how the university allocates resources to support priorities. Within their reports, academic programs and academic and support services will be placed in to five quintiles:

  1. Candidate for enhanced resourcing
  2. Maintain with current resourcing
  3. Retain with reduced resourcing
  4. Reconfigure for efficiency/effectiveness
  5. Candidate for phase out, subject to further review Continue reading