Academic program assessment process

This week, the academic programs task force embarks on an intensive ten-week period during which we will be assessing the completed templates for close to 500 academic programs. We have scheduled two weekly meetings for this purpose, as well as a day-long meeting in mid-November, and we will schedule additional meetings if necessary to ensure that we are able to give each program adequate consideration. Over the past two weeks, we have engaged in testing and calibrating our assessment process, and the task force is now prepared to move forward into the evaluation stage.During the summer, the task force formulated a conflict of interest policy. We determined that a conflict will be considered to exist for programs with which a task force member or a task force member’s spouse is connected. Task force members may also declare a conflict on other grounds. Though our general policy is that no program can be evaluated unless all members of the task force have provided a score, members with a conflict of interest in relation to that program will be excused from this requirement.

We would like to express our appreciation to all of those in the campus community who have labored so hard over the past weeks to complete the templates. General compliance with the August 30 deadline has made it possible for us to be optimistic that we can meet the tight timelines that have been set for the TransformUS project.

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