What happens next?

For much of the summer, many members of the university community have been involved in completing the program templates for the TransformUS program review. For members of the task force, this has been a time of preparation for the review which will begin shortly; our activities have included continued refinement of the programs list, discussions about the evaluation criteria, and efforts to assist those responsible for completing program templates. It seems timely to describe the process the task force will be using to assess academic programs and to formulate our final recommendations.The final version of the programs list contains just under 500 programs. Each member of the task force will be reviewing all of the templates, and providing an assessment of each one. The task force has developed a scoring rubric and a scoring system. The co-chairs will provide the members with a varied menu of programs for consideration each week.

Beginning in September, the task force will be meeting twice weekly. At these meetings the task force will try to arrive at consensus on the placing of each program in a particular quintile. In November, the task force expects to hold one or more Saturday meetings for the purpose of considering the results of this process and making any adjustments. The task force is expected to present its final report to President Busch-Vishniac by November 30.

You will appreciate that the work facing members of the task force over the fall term will be significant. They will be undertaking this work on top of their regular teaching, research and study responsibilities. As co-chairs, we are grateful for the commitment shown by the faculty members and students on the task force.

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