TransformUS templates unavailable Wednesday 8 pm to midnight

In advance of Friday’s deadline to submit TransformUS academic templates, and in order to effectively support expected demand on the system on Thursday and Friday, hardware upgrades will be made to SharePoint, the system hosting the templates. These upgrades will occur on Wednesday evening from 8 pm until midnight. During this time all templates will be unavailable. Continue reading

Note concerning template Question 3.3

We have received a number of inquiries about what information should be provided in response to Question 3.3 on the template which asks for the average teaching load in 3CUEs in the unit. We are not asking here that the information provided reflect the number of students in the courses, but simply how many courses faculty members typically teach (e.g. two 3CU courses per year would give a total of 6CU). It does not need to reflect the number of students enrolled in the courses.

What happens next?

For much of the summer, many members of the university community have been involved in completing the program templates for the TransformUS program review. For members of the task force, this has been a time of preparation for the review which will begin shortly; our activities have included continued refinement of the programs list, discussions about the evaluation criteria, and efforts to assist those responsible for completing program templates. It seems timely to describe the process the task force will be using to assess academic programs and to formulate our final recommendations. Continue reading