Research funding

Since the release of the templates and worksheets, we have had a number of questions about how research funding (the amount indicated as “Grants and Contracts” in the financial data distributed) should be allocated to various programs.

To begin with, it should be noted that the template asks that this information be recorded in two different places. The first is in connection with Criterion 4 (size, scope and productivity); the second is under Criterion 7 (revenues).

In the questions associated with Criterion 4, we are trying to gain information about the overall activity within the unit as a whole (usually a department). Thus, we would expect to see the Tri-agency grants and total grants and contracts repeated in all of the templates for programs offered by the unit. The numbers do not need to be sub-divided for this purpose.

Under Criterion 7, on the other hand, we are gathering information about how the revenues of the department are allocated to different programs, and this is where you need to be calculating the distribution of resources. Though it is possible, it is unlikely that a significant portion of research revenues are used in connection with undergraduate programs, and the amount entered in the tables for Criterion 7 in the templates for undergraduate programs may be zero or a small figure. In relation to graduate programs, we would ask you to enter the research funding that goes to the support of graduate students, or which is directly used in connection with particular graduate programs. The other research revenue we would expect to see allocated to the research program for the unit or discipline, or, in some cases, to the operation of Type A research centres.

In this section, as in other parts of the criteria (7 and 8) dealing with revenues and costs, we would expect the amounts allocated to particular programs to total 100% (always allowing for trivial variations). Since the tables under Criterion 4 serve a different purpose, we would not expect research funding to be distributed among programs in the same way.

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