Academic scoring rubric

In the past week, the task force has released a flood of documents connected with the academic programs prioritization process, including the customized templates and worksheets, a guide to the completion of the template and a final list of programs to be reviewed. This release also included a scoring rubric developed by the task force to guide us in the process of reviewing the completed templates.

Unlike many of the evaluation processes, the program prioritization process we have adopted requires that all members of the task force assess all programs. This approach is being used in order to be sure that there is as much consistency as possible, and that the review of every program includes the wide range of perspectives reflected in the membership of the task force. Members of the task force come from many different disciplines and are familiar with many different aspects of the operations of the university; this diversity is an important component of the assessment model that is being employed.

We recognize that the review of over 500 templates will be a demanding and complex task. Over the coming weeks, the task force will be engaged in discussions aimed at developing a common understanding of the approach to assessment we will be using. The formulation of the scoring rubric was one stage of these discussions. The next stages will include testing the scoring rubric and ensuring that our judgments will be made on a consistent basis.

At all stages of the process, the feedback we have received from members of the campus community has influenced our deliberations. Though we know that you will be preoccupied for some time with the task of completing the templates, we hope that you will continue to send us your comments and questions, by e-mail at or on our blog at

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