Template access

Over the last week, those responsible for completing templates to be used in the academic programs prioritization review have been given access to the final online templates and to worksheets prepopulated with central university data relevant to specific programs. In addition, a final version of the list of programs for review was posted, as well as a guide containing advice about the completion of the templates, and a scoring rubric that will be used by the task force in assessing the programs.

You will appreciate that the customization of templates and worksheets for over 500 programs has been a huge task, and the data support team has worked very hard to provide information that is as accurate and useful as possible.

We recognize, however, that those who have been assigned a role in completing the template may still have questions – about the assignment of programs to a unit, about particular items of data provided from university sources, about access to the documents, or other things – and we encourage you to seek assistance with these issues.

If you have a question about the data that has been provided, or some technical issue concerning the templates and worksheets, please contact transformus_data@usask.ca. Though you may receive bounce-back messages from particular members of the data support team who may be absent, the team has arranged a protocol for responding to inquiries, and has undertaken to provide an answer within 24 hours.

If you have broader questions about the questions on the template or about the prioritization process, please contact the co-chairs at transformus.apt@usask.ca.

We would also like to remind you that only those people whose NSID information has been provided to the data support team will have access to the templates and worksheets. You may provide additional names and NSIDs to the data support team at transformus_data@usask.ca. Please specify the program for which the access is required.

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