Questions regarding the programs list

The co-chairs of both the academic task force and the support services task force have received a number of inquiries about the apparent absence of some aspects of university activity from the programs list, and about the assignment of some programs with an academic dimension to the support services task force for review.

The most common subject of the first kind of question is the Canadian Light Source, which is not listed separately on the programs list for either task force. It is evident that the university has made an investment in the CLS, and that many members of the academic community have utilized the CLS for the purposes of their research. The university is, however, a relatively small contributor to the overall funding of the CLS, and does not have direct administrative control over this facility. The decision was made, therefore, to treat the university funding for the CLS as part of the overhead for the office of the Vice-President Research, which will be reviewed by the support services task force. The university’s investment in the CLS is therefore being taken into account, although not in a separate template.

With respect to the second kind of question, the assignment of some university activities to one task force or the other has been a matter of some difficulty. A number of units and their activities have both an academic and service dimension; the University Library, the Centre for Continuing and Distance Education, and the Teaching and Learning Centre are all examples. Some of the activities in the offices of deans or other senior administrators also have an academic component. The co-chairs had extensive discussion of how to divide these activities. In the end, the examples cited above, along with a number of others, were assigned to the support services task force. Given the composition of this task force, which includes both administrative and academic members, we are confident that the review of these units and those activities of an academic nature will be thorough and fair, and that their academic aspect will be appropriately taken into account.

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