Support Service Template, Guide and List Released

Dear Unit Leaders,

The final version of the self-assessment form/template for support services, a guide to assist in its completion, and the list of support services are now available.

Shortly, the on-line version of the template will be available, as will central financial and personnel data for each unit. We released the MS Word version of the template now, so that the task of completing the templates may begin. Continue reading

Academic pilots

Over the past several weeks, five academic units have been assisting the Academic Program Transformation Task Force by completing the draft version of the online template that will be used to gather information about all of the university’s academic programs. This pilot project is intended to provide the task force and the data support group with important information about the online template, the process of completing the template and the helpfulness of the body of data provided from central university sources. It will also give us an idea of the kinds of information that academic units are able to generate, and the resources and advice that are needed to assist units in their task. Continue reading

Research programs

It is part of the mandate of the Academic Program Transformation Task Force to identify all academic activities that consume university resources and to consider their relationship to university priorities. We recently circulated a list of programs we propose to include in our review, and, once the list has been finalized, units will be asked to complete a template for each of the programs for which they are responsible.

As part of the process of identifying programs for review, the task force made the decision to regard the research activity in each discipline as a separate program, and to ask units to complete a template to reflect this activity. A number of those responding to the programs list have expressed the view that the research activity in their unit cannot be separated from their master’s and doctoral programs, and that they do not see the point of completing a separate template for a unit research program. Continue reading

Academic program draft template

On Thursday May 23 the task force sponsored a town hall event at which we presented the draft version of the template that we will be using to gather information about the academic programs we will be reviewing. This was our first opportunity to engage members of the university community in discussion of this document.

This week, we are posting the draft template on our website and inviting questions and comments about it. The academic units responsible for the five programs selected to be used as a test sample will be also be asked to comment on whether the template is clear and comprehensive. As the template will be finalized in mid-June for circulation to all of the units responsible for academic programs, we are asking that any feedback about the template be conveyed to us before June 7. This may be done by using the co-chair e-mail at or by posting a comment on the web page at Continue reading