APT timelines

The Academic Program Transformation Task Force has now established timelines for the successive phases of our work. We accept that the deadlines for completion of the program templates and the problems posed by carrying out these tasks during the summer period will create challenges. We have tried to be as generous as possible with the time allotted, keeping in mind that our primary focus has been on ensuring that the task force itself has adequate time to make a balanced assessment of the information we have to review for hundreds of programs. We are cognizant of the fact that the November 30 deadline for our report – which already seems very close – is necessary to allow university governance bodies to make decisions based on our work in a timely manner.

We have not attempted to outline the process by which program or unit heads and deans interact to ensure that the information provided is accurate and complete, and that cross-cutting or inter-unit issues are accounted for. We expect this to vary from one academic unit to another, and we leave it to the departments, colleges, schools and centres to work out a system appropriate in their circumstances.

We will be scheduling town halls and finding other opportunities to provide information about the process over the coming weeks.

April 18 – Request for input from University Council                     

April 22 – Deadline for comments on criteria and weightings

May 10Completion of draft template and invitation to sample units

May 31Completion of sample templates

June 14Completion of revised template

June 21Circulation of template to departments, colleges, schools

June 14 to July 5Scheduled events to provide assistance to department heads, deans and directors

August 16 – Final deadline for submission of completed templates

November 15 – Draft report

November 30 – Final report

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