Student questions

At a town hall for students on April 15, the co-chairs of the Academic Program and Support Service Transformation Task Forces responded to a series of thoughtful and insightful questions and comments. At the end of the meeting, students submitted further questions for our consideration.

It is not possible to respond to all of those questions in this space, but we would like to comment on several of the major concerns identified at that meeting and others at which we have been present. Continue reading

APT timelines

The Academic Program Transformation Task Force has now established timelines for the successive phases of our work. We accept that the deadlines for completion of the program templates and the problems posed by carrying out these tasks during the summer period will create challenges. We have tried to be as generous as possible with the time allotted, keeping in mind that our primary focus has been on ensuring that the task force itself has adequate time to make a balanced assessment of the information we have to review for hundreds of programs. We are cognizant of the fact that the November 30 deadline for our report – which already seems very close – is necessary to allow university governance bodies to make decisions based on our work in a timely manner. Continue reading

APT Task Force and Confidentiality

Some members of the university community have been asking about the statement of confidentiality signed by the members of the Academic Program Transformation Task Force as we undertook our work. There have been questions about whether this statement prevents the task force from communicating freely about the program prioritization process and the information it produces.
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