Other Research Centres

Association of Cooperative Educators, Minnesota, US

Berlin Institute for Co-operative Studies, Humboldt University of Berlin

The Canadian Social Economy Hub

Centre for Co-operative Studies, University College Cork, Ireland

Centre Interdisciplinaire de Recherche et d’Information sur les Entreprises Collective — CIRIEC–Canada

Centre International de Recherches et d’Information sur l’Economie Publique, Sociale et Coopérative — CIRIEC–International

Chaire de coopération Guy-Bernier — Université du Québec, Montreal, Canada

Coady International Institute — St. Francis Xavier University, Antoginosh, NS, Canada

The Co-operative College, Manchester, UK

Cooperative Research Centres Association, Barton, Australia

Co-operatives Research Unit — Open University, United Kingdom

CoopZone — Canada

EURICSE (European Research Institute on Co-operative and Social Enterprises), Trento,

The Filene Research Institute — Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Institut für Genossenschaftswesen — Germany

IRECUS (Institute for Research and Education for Co-operatives and Mutual Associations), University of Sherbrooke, Quebec

Italian Institute for Co-operative Studies /Associazione italiana di studi cooperativi “Luigi Luzzatti,” — Rome, Italy

Norwegian Business School Centre for Co-operative Studies, Oslo

The Plunkett Foundation, Woodstock, UK

Quentin Burdick Center for Cooperatives — North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND, US

Sobey Co-operative Management Education — St. Mary’s University, Halifax, NS, Canada

UK Society for Co-operative Studies — UK

University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives, Madison

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