Cooperative Economics and Civil Rights
What role did economic co-operation play in the civil rights movement? As it turns out, a huge one … more >>

Cooperative Economics for A POC-Led Future The Laura Flanders Show
Laura speaks with Aaron Tanaka, founder and director of the Center for Economic Democracy, about his longtime advocacy and visionary work for the next system of solidarity economics … more >>

The Cooperative Platform Economy
Trebor Scholz in conversation with Yochai Benkler to celebrate the publication of Trebor’s new books, Uberworked and Underpaid and (co-edited with Nathan Schneider) Ours to Hack and to Own more >>

Cooperatives and the Commons — Arthur Röing Baer
The platform co-op movement opens up the possibility of collective ownership to reinstate shared common resources within circular economies … more >>

How Platform Cooperativism Can Unleash the Network — Trebor Scholz
Scholz introduces what he calls platform cooperativism, an Internet based on communal ownership and democratic governance … more >>

Human Co-operation
Co-operation is central to successful human societies, but why are people willing to incur the individual costs involved in co-operating?more >>

The Internet of Ownership — Nathan Schneider
Schneider is a leading advocate for platform cooperativism, which brings together the long tradition of democratic, co-operative enterprise with the connective potential of the Internet … more >>

The Loomio Handbook: A Roadmap for Worker-Owned Cooperatives
Loomio’s co-founder Ben Knight shares his story and some insights into self-organizing communities … more >>

The Lost Art of Listening: The missing key to democratic and civil society participation
Jim Macnamara argues that increased organisational listening is key to reinvigorating democracy and civil society … more >>

Own the Change: Building Economic Democracy One Worker Co-op at a Time
A short, practical guide for those considering worker-owned co-operatives … more >>

SUSY videos showcase solidarity economy
As part of the three-year Sustainable and Solidarity Economy (SUSY) project, the Co-operative College has released three short films that explore and celebrate ways of working that put people ahead of profit … more >>

Richard Sennett and Matthew Taylor discuss the rituals, pleasure, and politics of co-operation … more >>

Working together for a cooperative future
A video that shares the experiences, challenges, and motivations of young co-operators in worker and social co-operatives from nine countries worldwide … more >>

From the Centre’s Own Collection

The Co-op Principles and the Co-op Identity
Brett Fairbairn discusses The ICA Statement on the Co-operative Identity and examines the history of the co-ops values and principles … more >>

The Founders of Credit Unions
Brett Fairbairn reflects on some of the people who are famously associated with the creation of credit unions — Raiffeisen, Schulze-Delitzsch, Desjardins, Filene, and Bergengren … more >>

Governance Challenges at Mountain Equipment Co-op
Shona McGlashan outlines how MEC reconciles the tensions between the co-op governance structure and the needs of a dynamic, growing business in a competitive world … more >>

The World’s Simplest Co-operative
Murray Fulton strips co-operatives and investor-owned firms down to their most fundamental aspects in order to describe the differences between these two organizational forms … more >>

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