Homecare Cooperative Podcasts

Podcast 1: Meaning of Cooperative Membership in Homecare Cooperatives

Podcast 2: Staff Recruitment and Retention in Homecare Cooperatives

Podcast 3: Cooperative Governance and Board Decision-Making in Homecare Cooperatives

The podcasts address common issues shared by homecare co-operatives and can be particularly useful for new co-op members or for individuals interested in starting a homecare co-op.


Building a Truly Open Internet

According to Nathan Schneider, we don’t own nearly enough of the Internet. Our data is increasingly the province of large corporations, while “sharing economy” apps that we use may not have our best interests at heart.


Peter Harris: Democratizing the Music Industry with the Streaming Music Cooperative Resonate

After the successful Ethereum crowd-funding campaign, musician and web developer Peter Harris saw a path to creating a fair, decentralized music-streaming platform. Out of that, Resonate was born. Peter joined us to discuss why the dysfunctional structure of the music industry results in a bad deal for musicians and why a decentralized platform supported by blockchain technology and run as a co-operative represents a better way forward.


The Power and Perils of Cooperatives
Episode 12 of the Building Local Power Podcast

Christopher Mitchell, director of ILSR’s Community Broadband Networks Initiative, interviews Hannah Trostle and Karlee Weinmann, research associates for the Community Broadband Networks and Energy Democracy initiatives, respectively. The trio details the challenges of co-operative ownership and the myriad of benefits for active and engaged co-operative boards and administration structures.


Richard Sennett on Co-operation

To navigate through modern life successfully requires myriad forms of co-operation with others — co-­operation in schools, places of work, in clubs and societies, in raising families, in politics. Co-operation is a craft, requiring a set of skills that over time we have begun to lose.


Trebor Scholz on Moving from Uber to Platform Cooperatives

“How do you rip the algorithmic heart of our Uber and then embed your own values instead?” This is the question that lies at the heart of scholar and activist Trebor Scholz’s work on Platform Cooperativism, a concept that describes “a way of joining the peer-to-peer and co-op movements with online labor markets while insisting on communal ownership and democratic governance.”


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