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Nintex Forms – New Features in version


Nintex recently released an update to its Forms product, which was installed during patch night on January 11, 2014.  I presented the new features to the SharePoint SIG group on January 24th.  As promised, here is a post that lists my notes from the SIG so others can read about them.  If you have questions about these features or would like a demo of the new features (or any Forms feature), please contact me at

I have divided the features into two categories:  Major and Minor.  I have also listed some bugfixes for problems that I reported to Nintex in the past.


Major Features

Ability to Switch between Content Types

  • Able to switch between content types in lists/libraries that have content types turned on
    • Forms icon in List/Library ribbon has drop-down with an option for each content type
    • Create a form for each content type
    • Use new “Change Content Type” form control in the SharePoint section to switch between the forms
    • However, the “Change Content Type” form control only works on existing items in the list/library, not new items
      • This is by design as you can’t change the content type of an item until it has been created or uploaded
      • Use the Items/Documents ribbon -> New Item/New Document drop-down if you want to create a new item with a specific content type
  • I have not verified this, but the version notes state that the new control won’t work in mobile mode

Version Control

  • Similar in that used in Nintex Workflow but different interface
    • Use the “Version History” icon in the Nintex Forms ribbon to see and open previous versions

Nintex Mobile

    • New layouts for Nintex Mobile; various devices
      • Android not released yet but coming (probably in April)
    • Layouts work with the new free Nintex Mobile App
    • Different from the old layouts, which were designed to work in a browser window on a mobile device rather than within an app
  • Additional functionality over old layouts
    • Can fill out the form offline and submit later
    • Partially fill out the form and save drafts
    • Able to view and fill out Workflow tasks that were created as a result of filling out a form
  • Not yet installed on our server; need .NET 4.0 framework installed on the SharePoint server
    • Installation of .NET is planned for the night of February 12th
    • Will send out a message once .NET is installed and Nintex Mobile App has been tested
  • Nintex Mobile App does not support all field types: not People fields, Repeating fields

New Functions in Formulas

  • Lookup
    • Available as a Runtime Function in calculated fields or rules
    • Will look up values from a list in the same site
    • Can specify whether one value or multiple values will be returned; limit 1000 values returned
    • Can also specify the data type that you expect to have returned
    • Caveat
      • If an existing item is opened up in View mode, the calculated field using the Lookup function will now show the correct value
      • You have to edit the item for the Lookup value to be calculated and displayed
      • New items always have the proper value displayed
  • GetQueryString
    • Available in the list of Inline Functions
    • Used to pull the value of a key from the URL for the current item, such as the item ID or the Source site
    • Available when setting default values for a single line of text field or a People field using a formula
    • But only displays in New mode, not Display or Edit
    • Also available in control and form settings as an Inline Function but I haven’t gotten it to work in any mode


Form variables

  • Not the same as variables created within a workflow
  • They are not available to the workflow if the form is a Start Form for a workflow
  • They are hidden fields that cannot be displayed on the form
  • Each gets its value via a formula
    • Can use Runtime Functions, including Lookup
  • Once defined, the variable can be used in calculated fields or in Rules
  • Can connect the form variable to a list column and thereby set its value
    • Create the form variable and connect it to the list column
    • If you want to display the form variable’s value, create a calculated value that is set to the form variable’s value
  • Do not display the list column on the form; in this case the column will get no value (if a text field) or a zero (if a number field)


Minor Features

  • External Data Column control
    • If there is an External Content Type defined in the site (attached to a SQL Server database table), this control can display information from it
    • I didn’t test this as I didn’t have any External Content Types set up
  • Color wheel in Settings – Appearance and some Control Setting fields
    • Allows you to pick a color (e.g. for the background) without knowing the hexidecimal code
  • Geolocation control
    • Most useful if connected  to a geolocation field in SharePoint 2013
    • In 2010, the form control can be attached to a single text box field but then you have to enter and interpret information manually
    • Will not use the current location unless you have a device that knows its current location (unsure as to whether this works in 2010)
  • Format Painter
    • Copies the format of the current field and applies it to the destination field
    • Select field for source format
    • Click Format Painter
    • Click field to copy format to
  • People Picker field changes
    • Able to default a People Picker field to current user
      • Set “Default value source” to Expression
      • Then create a formula for the default value that includes “Current User”
  • Can now place the People Picker control inside a repeating section
  • Different interface, similar to that used in SharePoint 2013
    • No Browse icon by the field now
    • Type at least two characters of the person’s name or NSID, then pick the right person from the list that appears under the field
    • Works fine as long as the Person field has been set to allow all users
    • If the Person field has been configured to allow only people in a specific SharePoint group, there is no way to see who is in that group and therefore who can be chosen
  • Old People Picker control has been installed in case people want to use it instead of the new version
    • Located in the “Legacy Control” section of the left-hand panel in the Forms designer
    • Must connect the control to a list column or the Browse field won’t display the people in the group
  • Additional language support
    • Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, Brazillian Portuguese, Japanese, Danish, French, Dutch
  • “All Borders” button in ribbon
    • Can put borders around all four sides of an object at once
  • Skip Publish confirmation dialogue boxes
    • In Settings for list forms, workflow Start forms, task forms
  • Multi-line text control
    • Historical view of previous values
    • Only shown if the list has versioning turned on and the “Append Changes to Existing Text” option is turned on for the text field
  • Choice control
    • Can render as radio buttons or as actual buttons, could be used for tab-like functionality
    • Supports user entering their own values
  • Lookup control
    • Render as checkbox or radio buttons
    • Have both ID and text value of the looked up list connected to SharePoint columns in the current list
    • “Please Select” text now customizable
    • Value can be inserted into a runtime formula such as Calculated Values and Rules
  • Single-line text control
    • Can have a value different from underlying SharePoint column (double-click the field, set its properties)
  • Attachment control
    • Can now add attachments on iPad and other mobile devices
    • Can be disabled via a rule
  • Multi-line control
    • Will now show a scroll bar when disabled
    • Works in Firefox, Chrome and Safari on Mac and PC but not IE (9 and 11 tested)
  • Nintex List Form web part
    • Displays success message upon successful save


  • I had a situation where I wanted to enable a field when creating a new record but disable it when editing an already created record.  I created a rule to disable the field if not in New Mode.  This worked, but when the data in the record was changed and I clicked the Save button, everything was saved except for the value in the disabled field.  This bug appears to be fixed.
  • There was a problem with calculated fields that were using other calcalated fields as input, when the setting “Use thousands separator” was turned on – the calculation was completely whacky because it was interpreting the calculated number fields as text fields and concatenating them.  This appears to have been fixed.
  • While using certain actions that needed to have a person assigned, such as the Request Data action, the People Picker would not allow you to choose a person in either the Lookup section or the External Email section.  This is fixed.
  • I had tried to set up a multiple clause Rule (checking whether two checkboxes had their value set to No) with syntax “WrittenOff==0&&Invalid==0”, to disable a field if both were set to No and allow the field to be editable of either was set to Yes.  This now works.

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