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Nintex Workflow – Update a Hyperlink Field


One of the datatypes available in SharePoint is “Hyperlink or Picture”.  When editing an item in a list via the usual data entry form, you can set the value of the Hyperlink field with both the Web address and the description that you want people to see instead of the Web address.

However, in a Nintex workflow using the “Update Item”, the screen only shows a single line.  There is no way to distinguish between the Web address and the description.

Update Item with Hyperlink

There is a way to update both sections of a Hyperlink field using a workflow.

  • Add a “Build String” action to the workflow
  • In the Text box for the “Build String” action, enter the Web address (e.g.
  • Immediately following the Web address, enter a comma followed by the description
    • You can use the “Insert Reference” button to insert the contents of other fields into your Web address or description, if desired
  • Store the result in a Single Line of Text variable

Create a Hyperlink string

Now add an “Update Item” action to the workflow and assign the variable to the hyperlink field.


Once you run the workflow, the Hyperlink field will display the description instead of the Web address.


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