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Nintex Workflow and Forms products available on U of S SharePoint server


ICT, in partnership with the College of Medicine, have purchased the Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms products.  These third-party products will enhance developers’ ability to create workflows and forms in SharePoint libraries and lists.  The Nintex products are available for all SharePoint clients to use in their own site collections.  Nintex is installed on both the production SharePoint server and on the test server.  It is not available on the development server at this time.

Nintex Workflow features:

  • Graphical design is easier to understand than SharePoint Designer actions
  • Integrated into the browser window rather than a separate program
  • Includes more actions than SharePoint Designer
  • Query LDAP and Active Directory
  • Invoke searches within the workflow, including use of scopes and properties
  • Convert documents (e.g. from Word format to PDF)
  • Update properties on multiple items at once
  • Create control structures such as loops, Run If
  • Better string, date and math calculations
  • Regular expressions
  • Create sites, site collections, lists, libraries

Nintex Forms features:

  • Can brand forms with colours, graphics
  • Can have buttons other than the default Save and Cancel
  • Better error checking on fields
The Nintex products do have some features that work with the Enterprise edition of SharePoint, so as a site administrator or workflow designer you may find features that will not work in SharePoint Standard edition.  Also note that the Nintex documentation contains information for all editions of Nintex – we are running Standard edition of Nintex Workflow.

The Nintex products must be enabled in each site collection before they can be used in that site collection.  The Workflow product can be enabled with or without the Forms product. The Forms product can be enabled to work with the Workflow product or in a list or library outside of workflows.

To enable Nintex Workflow:

  • Go to Site Actions -> Site Settings
  • Click on Site Collection Features
  • Click on Activate for Nintex Workflow 2010
  • If desired, click on Activate for Nintex Workflow 2010 Web Parts
    • Web Parts enables the “My Workflow Tasks” and “Workflows I’ve Started” web parts for use in SharePoint pages
  • Go back to the Site Settings page
  • Click on Manage Site Features
  • Click Activate for Nintex Workflow 2010

Once these steps are completed, there will be new options available on the Workflow Settings button in the ribbon for each list and library to create or manage list workflows.  There will also be a new item on the Site Actions menu to create and manage site and reusable workflows.

Note: the workflow editor appears to only work with Internet Explorer.

To enable Nintex Forms:

  • Go to Site Actions -> Site Settings
  • Click on Site Collection Features
  • Click on Activate for Nintex Forms 2010 Prerequisite Features
  • Click on Activate for Nintex Forms 2010 for Nintex Workflow (to allow forms to be used within a workflow, requires that Nintex Workflow be enabled first)
  • Click on Activate for Nintex Forms 2010 for SharePoint List Forms (to allow forms to be used in a library or list, outside a workflow)

For more information about Nintex and how to get started, please contact  Nintex documentation is available online.

Sheila ffolliott

Analyst, SharePoint team

Information and Communications Technology

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