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Problem with Office file type associations causing errors with editing or saving files


Some people in ICT have run into problems with Office file type associations.  Specifically, when we tried to edit or save Excel documents that were stored on a SharePoint library, we received error messages that prevented us from completing the action.  This turned out to be a problem not with SharePoint but with the association of file types to applications. People could experience the error if they set another application manually to open up Office files (e.g. OpenOffice) or were using the Office 2007 compatibility pack.

The zip archive Office Assocation Fix includes three files.  Before proceeding, the files will have to be unzipped.  The instructions in “Read me.txt” will not work if you try to run the files from within the zip archive.

  1. “Read me.txt”; contains installation instructions for the following two files.
  2. “Remove User Office Associations.reg”; removes the incorrect Office associations.  Must be run by the user who is experiencing the problem.
  3. “Set System Office Associations – Run as Admin.bat”; resets the computer so it uses the correct associations. As the name says, it must be run by an administrator.

If these files do not clear up the problem, then the installation of Office on the computer needs to be repaired.

If you have problems with this, please let me know.

Sheila ffolliott

SharePoint Team


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