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Hide the Quick Launch panel


Written by Sheila ffolliott.  Moved from our old blog and updated.

The Quick Launch panel is the panel at the left of the screen which contains links to the site’s document libraries, lists and discussion groups.  In most cases, the Quick Launch is very useful.  But if the main page of a site is the only page that participants need to view, hiding the Quick Launch panel will prevent confusion and provide more screen real estate.

There are two methods to hide the Quick Launch.  The first one is easy but does not hide the entire Quick Launch panel. The Recycle Bin and All Site Content links are still available. 
The second method is more involved but does hide the entire Quick Launch panel.  However, it only hides the Quick Launch panel on the page that contains the Content Editor Web Part.  If you go to another page in the site, the Quick Launch re-appears.
Easy way:
  • Go to Site Actions menu, then Site Settings
  • Click on Tree View under the Look and Feel section
  • Uncheck “Enable Quick Launch”
  • Click OK

Harder way:

Note: Some of these steps require site collection administrator or Design privileges.  If you are not the site collection administrator or a Designer, you won’t be able to hide the Quick Launch panel using this method.


1.       Create a text file containing the following text:








2.       Upload the file into the Style Library
3.       Copy the URL for the new file
4.       Edit the page where you want to hide the Quick Launch panel
5.       Add a Content Editor Web Part to the page (doesn’t matter where)
6.       Edit the Content Editor.  In the properties, paste the URL including the file name into the Content Link field.
7.       Hide the Content Editor by expanding the Appearance section in the properties and changing the Chrome Type to “None”
8.       Click Apply and OK to save changes to the Web Part
9.       Save the changes to the page
The Quick Launch panel will now be hidden.  You can reveal it again by removing the Content Editor Web Part.

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