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Customizing Calendar List with Workspace Links


Written by Anup ​Saseendran.  Moved from our old blog.

This is a customization of the Calendar list to present a vertal listing with text links to meeting workspaces associated with the Calendar item.

The College of Medicine used this for our Faculty Council site, where users can log in and access meeting documents via the Calendar list.

Faculty Council Meeting Process

  1.  Admin staff collects documents from different sources
  2. Admin staff Creates meeting event in SP Calendar with a Meeting Workspace
  3. Admin staff Uploads all documents to Meeting Workspace
  4. Admin staff Announces via email that the documents are posted with a link to the Meeting Workspace
  5. Users are also advised that they can navigate to the FC site via cascade and browse to the specific Meeting Workspace for meeting documents.

Setup Overview:

I made a few customizations to the Calendar list.
  • 2 custom columns
  • 1 workflow
  • 1 custom calendar view
  1. Setup Calendar list –“Meeting Schedule and Documents”
  2. Create custom list column to contain link to the meeting space
    1. Name: “Item”
    2. Type: Hyperlink or Picture
  3. We received feedback suggesting the addition of the calendar icon beside the link item, this is purely aesthetic. To do this I created a custom list column named “.” to contain the calendar icon.
  4.  Create a workflow to update the custom columns whenever an item is created or edited.
    1. The workflow trigger options:

    1. “Item” column from step 2 is updated with the WorkspaceURL of the current calendar item.
    2. “.” column from step 3 above is updated with a calendar icon stored in a library within the site. This could also be some static image hosted elsewhere.
  1.  Create a custom Calendar view with the custom fields.

​If you have questions, feel free to contact Anup at anup (dot) saseendran at

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