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Site Template for creating document sets for meetings


For the board site, instead of using meeting workspaces, a document set is created for the meeting documents and a link from the calendar item is created as explained in this previous post.  This template provides everything you need to create a committee site that will do this same thing.

First, the template can be downloaded here .  It is a WSP file inside the ZIP file.

About the template

This template contains a document library called “Meeting Documents” and a calendar called “Meeting Dates”.

The Meeting Documents library uses 2 content types for the document set and the meeting documents.  Both have a single additional piece of meta-data for the meeting date.  The meeting date is automatically populated from the start date of the calendar entry.

A workflow on the Meeting Dates will initiate on creation of a new item that contains the following 3 steps:

  1. Create a document set of type “Meeting Document Set” in the Meeting Documents library with a title the same as the title of the item created in meeting dates.  If it is a duplicate a random number will be added and the linking in step 3 will not work.
  2. Pause for 1 minute.  This is because step 3 will not work without the pause.  The actual duration of the pause will probably be longer as it is continued by a job running through central admin that resumes workflows that are paused.  At the U of S, the pause will wind up being between 1 and 6 minutes in length.
  3. Populate an attribute on the meeting date that is a link to the Meeting Documents.
If you want to hide the “Meeting Workspace” option on the calendar item, see Hiding the Meeting Workspace option on calendar lists.

To install

1. Unzip the file.  You should have a single file called CommitteeTemplate.wsp

2. Make sure your site collection has the following features turned on:

  • Workflow
  • Publishing Approval Workflow

Other features may need to be turned on, but these are the ones I got error messages for when I tried to install this template in a different site collection.  If you find others that need to be turned on, please comment so I can correct the list above.

3. From the Site collection settings page, select the Solutions gallery.  Select the Solutions tab (even though it looks like it is already selected).

4. From the ribbon, you can Upload Solution and activate it.

Now it is installed, you can create a new site using this new template.  To test it out, create a new event in the Meeting Dates list on the site home page.  The workflow should start automatically and create the document set and link.

End user instructions for use

Below are some simple step by step instructions on setting new meeting dates and adding documents to the meeting documents.

Adding a new meeting date

  1. At the bottom of the list of “Meeting Dates” there should be an “Add new event” option, select that option.
  2. A form will come up requesting a number of items.  Fill in the Title with the month and year (ie. May 2012), select the appropriate location (optional), start time and end time.
  3. Click the Save button.
  4. The system will now create a place for the meeting documents to be put in the “Meeting Documents” library.  It will take up to 6 minutes for the link to appear for this meeting date.
  5. Edit the link description once it shows up to make it look nicer.
  6. Save your change and follow the link to the new document space.
  7. Near the top of the meeting documents there will be a yellow bar saying “Content types that are available to this Document Set have been added or removed.  Update the Document Set.” Click on “Update the Document Set”
  8. You can now begin adding documents for the meeting any time.

Uploading documents

Note: Documents should be named according to the standards decided upon, please refer to the document types, naming, and attribute values section.

  1. Navigate to the appropriate meeting for which you wish to upload meeting documents.
  2. Select the “Documents” tab along the top.
  3. Select Upload Document from the ribbon.
  4. A dialog will open for you to select the document from your computer (or file share) that you wish to upload.  Select the appropriate document and click the OK button.
  5. Once the file is uploaded, a second dialog will open that allows you to select the document type (if appropriate), change the name if you wish, and add a title if you wish.  Other attributes may also be present.  Once you have entered/updated the appropriate values, select Save.
  6. Repeat from step 3 if you have more files to upload.

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