REDCap Service Launch Announcement

As pre-announced in an earlier post in this blog, REDCap hosting is being launched as a service from ICT today.

REDCap is a data collection and management tool written by a group at Vanderbilt University, and adopted by over 1100 institutions world-wide from Dunedin to Reykjavik, who form the REDCap Consortium. Researchers on campus have been requesting this tool for their research.

The University of Saskatchewan implementation is described on this service page in ICT’s website. There are some restrictions on the use of the service, many having to do with the terms of our agreement signed to allow us to join the REDCap Consortium. Researchers wishing to use the service will complete a form and send that to the service support team.

We will respond with information on how to access the REDCap service and other information on its use. There is currently no charge for the service, and none are anticipated in the future.

For the REDCap service only, please contact with any questions or support requests.

REDCap clinical research software coming

We want to let you know that ICT will launch later this summer a new service based on the REDCap software.

REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a mature, secure web application for building and managing research data collection and databases—specifically designed for clinical research. See   It has been developed over many years and has about a thousand institutions using it around the world.

ICT has arranged an institutional license for the REDCap software from Vanderbilt University.

The service we are building will mean that researchers can use the software without arranging their own license, without having to acquiring equipment and software, etc. We make the software available on virtual machines within our server room.   We’ll provide access to a shared implementation of the software in which you can create your data collection forms, put them on the web, create the database, analyze or export the data.  The implementation will be run by UofS ICT and your data will be stored on ICT servers at the Saskatoon campus.  It should be noted that this software and our systems are probably NOT HIPA compliant (

We anticipate no charges for use of this service.

We are planning to have this service built on REDCap ready by the end of August.   If you’re interested, contact us at so we can keep you informed.  You can also find out more at


Using Globus

Data volume is growing by leaps and bound; more and more data is being generated every day that needs to be computed, analyzed, and stored. While traditional data transfer tools like FTP, scp, sftp and rsync work well for local or small transfers, transferring big data long distances is still slow and prone to interruption.

Fortunately, it’s now easier than ever to get your data onto WestGrid by using Globus.  This service is provided by the University of Chicago, and allows quick and easy file transfers to and from any Globus-enabled system.  By using the free Globus Connect program, this includes your desktop.

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