Access to Schlumberger geoscientific software now possible

The UofS was recently awarded a software grant by Schlumberger (SLB) which provides for access to the PETREL suite of geoscientific software. SLB is one of the world’s largest suppliers of technology and services into the oil and gas exploration/production industry. Included in this grant is the entire ECLIPSE suite for reservoir modeling. This software is recognized as the premier leading edge environment for fluid flow modeling in this specific discipline. To facilitate a broader license provisioning to teaching labs and researchers across/off campus, a new dedicated server ( has been established to deliver the multiple licenses available. This new license server will be used for other related software systems in the future. For more information contact us at

Update on CyViz Viz3D Graphic Display System at WestGrid Facility

A major upgrade of the graphic display hardware which is used with the CyViz Viz3D system at the WestGrid Collaboration and Visualization Facility (WGCVF) was completed this past summer. If you are unaware of the unique services offered at the WGVCF, this facility offers superior videoconferencing capabilities which were recently augmented through the provision of a new Smart Board subsystem (see earlier BLOG entry). Additionally and more relative  to this announcement, full stereoscopic 3D data display is supported using a rich portfolio of software applications. Furthermore, the facility provides a multi-participant collaborative environment (up to 12 individuals) with seating and table space that can be reconfigured to suit any specific meeting setting.


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Looking at your data in Stereo 3D

Although 3D display for computer gaming enthusiasts has been around for a while, the release of Avatar in 3D at the theatres was a key event that highlighted the introduction of stereo viewing into the entertainment industry for the general public. During this time, a rapid development and marketing of 3D ready TV’s and BluRay DVD players by the major electronic manufacturing companies into the home entertainment market was occurring. This technology has evolved to a stage where 3D content is now available not only on DVD but over cable, satellite as well as the internet via services such as the popular YouTube! The widespread acceptance of the technology by the public and competition within the equipment manufacturing industry has led to significant price drops of stereo ready TV’s in the past several months making the technology affordable.

Can we use this technology in research on campus?

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