Wolfram Mathematica 11.0 released

This is to note that the next version of Mathematica – 11.0 – has been released by Wolfram.

ICT has installed the new license for this product and the software is available for distribution via the network drive \\ditto\rc\Mathematica11
(This is available directly to Windows and Macintosh users, and via Samba to Linux users.)

Stephen Wolfram describes the new features in his blog announcement, highlighting: 3D printing support (STL files visualisation); machine learning; support for audio formats; human anatomy data (only for an average adult male); historical spatial data; and extended support for PDEs and ODEs. There are a number of improvements to the compute engine for the software as well. A more direct listing of new features can be obtained through this list.

During installation, do not select the online activation method. Select “Other ways to activate” at the bottom of that page, and use the “Network License Server” option. Our license server is auth.usask.ca.

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