Origin Software

People across campus have been using OriginLab’s Origin and OriginPro software for publication quality graphs for a long time. Unfortunately, some of the installs of Origin are quite old. ICT can now provide access to current versions this software to campus researchers.

For those who weren’t previously aware of Origin, it is used to produce high quality graphs in a wide range of research fields (here are some sample graphs) that are publication ready. Some of the graphs produced by Origin are difficult to make in other graphing software packages. The vendor produces training videos that are available online. Along with the videos, Origin files are supplied to allow you to play with the training information.

The University now has 15 Origin licenses and 10 OriginPro licenses. A new version (2016) was recently released, and we have updated to that version. Please note that Origin is for WIndows computers only. Macintosh users can install Origin, if they are running a virtual WIndows system on their Mac. (Details)

You can install the program from the network share at: \\ditto\rc\Origin\Origin2016Sr0H

(The install instructions are in the PDF file in that folder.)

Please contact Research Computing if you have any questions.

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