Big changes to NVivo for qualitative research

  • NVivo licenses now $0 at the Campus Computer Store
  • NVivo version 11 now available
  • Annual NVivo licenses need renewing now

NVivo is an analytical tool you can use to support your qualitative research. ICT works in partnership with the Social Sciences Research Laboratories (SSRL) to support NVivo. You might use qualitative analysis to investigate data gathered by techniques including interviews, questionnaires, and focus groups, in order to gain insight into the behaviour of the participants. NVivo is used both in research and in teaching, most frequently in social sciences and health sciences.

The annual NVivo licenses are currently expiring around campus and need to be renewed.

The university has negotiated an educational volume contract and has ordered enough licenses for NVivo client (standalone) that we can give a license to all eligible users who need one, including seats in campus computer labs. We also have licenses we can give to faculty, staff and graduate students to install on their home computers for university-related work.

Some additional details:
• So we can monitor uptake, we are still going to “sell” licenses through the CCS at $0.
• Contact the Campus Computer Store. The CCS has updated their NVivo web page . The software can be downloaded directly and freely from QSR.
• The licenses are still annual.
• The volume agreement does not cover NVivo Server or the concurrent use client licenses for off-campus use. However, we plan to install the volume-licensed client on the Virtual Lab, which in turn should let off-campus users connect to that and run an on-campus instance of NVivo client that will be able to access NVivo Server.

Additionally there is a major new version of NVivo now released (NVivo 11). We suspect that any new installations of NVivo client software would be for Version 11.
The CCS will have also license codes to let people extend the license for Version 10 installations. NVivo 11 will convert earlier versions of projects to its native format, but that can’t be read by NVivo 10 clients.

We do not intend to upgrade the NVivo Server instance available through the SSRL to Version 11 just now. We have been informed that the v11 client will work with v10 Server. However, projects cannot be used by both NVivo 10 and NVivo 11 clients, so research teams will have to use the same client among all of their members.


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