Wolfram Mathematica 10.2

Wolfram released  the latest version of Mathematica (10.2) this past weekend. We now have this available on campus. (Mathematica is one of the mathematical software suites that Research Computing supports on campus.)

The new version has a number of new features and enhancements.

Of course, the feature that caught my eye first was that Mathematica 10.2 gives you Nothing! Not many vendors tell you up front that they are giving you Nothing, and fewer include that in their list of new features. (Actually, “Nothing” is a tool that helps with list management, and looks fairly useful.)

There too many features to cover in a short blog article. In general, the fields that are upgraded are in lists; graphs; eigen functions for systems of ODEs and PDEs; visualisation; signal processing; geometric computation; and time series.

The software can be installed from the repository at \\ditto\rc\Mathematica10.2

Please feel free to contact Research Computing with any questions about Mathematica.

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