REDCap Service updated to 6.7

The REDCap service for surveys and data gathering has been updated to version 6.7. This offers a number of features that might be of interest to REDCap users, and is a large update beyond the 6.4 version it replaces. There have been a large number of advancements in the short period since the last update.

The 6.5 release was major in that it allowed the REDCap surveys to be completed offline on mobile devices in areas without internet connectivity and have the data uploaded after  connectivity has been re-established.

REDCap 6.5 (and later) mobile applications are available for iOS (Apple) devices and for Android devices. More information is available about the apps and their security. Other changes in 6.5 included: the ability to easily copy “instruments” (the basic constructs of the data gathering tools); the ability to import instruments from ZIP files and from external sources; “auto-scoring” instruments; “project notes” – a method of providing internal documentation for instruments; and “field annotations” that can provide another method for documentation.

REDCap 6.6 followed immediately after 6.5, and included features that we are not expecting to use.

REDCap 6.7 includes: the ability to embed video or audio clips in the instruments; text-to-speech that will “speak the text for various fields (i.e. questions) – this uses Google Translate; auto-complete for drop-down fields; searching of biomedical ontologies (like ICD-10) for classifications; and the ability to automatically advance to the next instrument in a survey.

Strange, but … no, just strange … factoid : REDCap releases are named after cookies. The current cookie flavour is Macaroon. Previous versions were “Frosted Sugar” (6.6), “Oatmeal Raisin” (6.5), “Fortune Cookie” (6.4), “Ginger Snap” (6.3) and “White Chocolate Macadamia Nut” (6.2).

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