SKY-RDC Update

ICT has recently completed a technology refresh of the Statistics Canada Research Data Centre (SKY-RDC).

SKY-RDC is an “outpost” of Statistics Canada located in the Murray Library, one of 25 or so such outposts at universities around the country, and the sole site in Saskatchewan. The Research Data Centre (RDC) helps our researchers by providing local, enhanced access to Statistics Canada (SC) data. The RDC is an area of enhanced security where researchers can go to access sensitive SC data. Inside the RDC there are computer workstations for researchers with a number of statistical software programs installed, a printer, two meeting rooms, and an office for the Statistics Canada analyst.

The technology refresh included joining the SKY-RDC to the Canada wide Statistics Canada central authentication and authorisation system, and improved backup facilities, as well as installation of new hardware and software.

In RDCs across the country, the facility and its IT support are the responsibility of the host university, but must be built and operated according to SC specifications and policy. Some recent changes in SC specifications prompted the changes to the IT infrastructure here.
To contact the SKY-RDC, see their contact page.

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