Geomatica 2015 & license changes

Geomatica version 2015 is now available for use on University computers. A new license server has been set up to handle all campus Geomatica licenses.

Geomatica is a program that is used to add and analyse imagery (aerial and satellite photos in a geo-spatial, or mapping, context). This has been made available by the Arts & Science I.T. group for many years, and has passed to the ICT Research Computing group this past fall. And we have a couple of news items to send to you.

There is a new license server for geomatica. This is running at

The latest version of Geomatica (2015) is available and the install program for it located at: \\ditto\rc\geomatica\2015 (only the Windows installer is available currently). To install Geomatica, run the software installer, say that your licensing is as a client of a network license server, and give the above name for the license server. It will take a few minutes, but after that the software will be available for your use.


If you experience problems or have questions, please contact Research Computing.

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