Happy Earth Day

As Google reminds us each year with their doodle(*) this is Earth Day. Somewhat related, you can now install ArcGIS Pro on your University computer systems. 

Okay, the connection is tenuous, but maps are important in understanding the planet. And, you can now install ArcGIS Pro from the campus GIS software server, gisjane. (The directory with the install files is \\gisjane\Install_ArcGISPro – the install file is called ArcGISPro_1808_144866.exe.)

ArcGIS Pro is a program that installs beside the regular ArcGIS desktop application and assists you with your analysis and visualisation capabilities for spatial data. It requires access to ESRI’s ArcGIS Online system. Please contact Research Computing to gain access to that service.

This only runs under 64 bit Windows.

(* According to this year’s doodle quiz, apparently I’m a giant squid. That’s probably good to know.)

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