Mathematica 10.1 Now Available

The current version of Mathematica, 10.1, is now available to be installed on campus. Those with home use licenses should be notified how to update through email from Wolfram. The changes in the new version are summarised on the Wolfram web site. (Each change is linked to, separately, from this page.)

The new feature that I found most interesting is the function to identify the contents of a picture. It does have some problems (a picture of a mongoose was identified as an armadillo), but is fairly accurate for many objects. Of course, some of the identifications are fairly generic – a portrait of a person will always return “Homo sapiens sapiens”. (Even for the Mona Lisa and, perhaps more surprisingly, for Stephen Wolfram.)

There are also connections for Wikipedia, to harvest its knowledge, and the ability to create tag clouds (a.k.a. Wordles).

There has been a change in distribution location for the software on campus. It is now available on the windows server in the share named “rc”. The new distribution requires more than just running a single install program, as the previous versions did, so the old distribution method was no longer adequate. Versions are still available for Macintoshes, Linux computers and Windows computers.

The first time it is run after installation, Mathematica will ask for activation. To do this, click on “Other ways to activate”, select “Connect to a network license server”, and enter the server name “auth”.

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