Stata 14 Available

The latest version of Stata, one of the major commercial statistics programs, is available for use on the University of Saskatchewan network.

The new features and improvements in this version are described in detail on the Stata 14 webpage. The update was announced this morning.

A few of the highlights include: Bayesian analyses are available now. Treatment effect analyses have been improved. A number of structural equation modelling (SEM) improvements have been added.

To use this version, follow the instructions on the campus Stata webpage for linking Stata on your machine, substituting “stata14” in place of “stata13”. (The webpage will be updated after finals are completed. Both Stata 13 and Stata 14 will be available for a short period. Fewer Stata 14 licenses will be available at the beginning, to ensure that our total licenses are within our limits.)

As always, contact Research Computing if you have any questions about the service.

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