MATLAB R2015a Released

The current version of MATLAB, R2015a or 8.5, depending on the versioning system you prefer, is now available for installation on campus.

MathWorks released this version earlier this week, and I am seeing a number of announcements and press releases popping up. There is a list of the new features, etc. on the “Release Highlights” on MathWorks’ web site.

We do not have some of the updated toolboxes. (Of course, we have none of the four new toolboxes just announced –  Antenna, Robotics, Vision HDL, and Simulink Test.)  An interesting update is the use of 3D finite elements in the PDE toolbox.

CIMData has a more succinct list of changes on their website.

I haven’t seen any benchmarks for the new version, but it does load more slowly than R2014b on my desktop computer.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the new features in R2015a, please contact Research Computing.

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