MATLAB R2014b Patch Released

MathWorks has informed us that they have found and resolved a number of problems in MATLAB R2014b that could lead to files being removed.

Information about the bugs and patch is available in bug report #1184018 on MathWorks’ website. In short, the most serious one is removal of files in the current directory when MATLAB exits. The others are crashes when using Simulink. The fixes are ZIP files that must be extracted in the MATLAB R2041b install directory, by a privileged user.

The main distribution from MathWorks has been patched, and installs from the ditto distribution site after the morning of January 16 will have these patches in place.

If you have any questions about these MATLAB patches, please contact Research Computing for answers. Remember to backup your files (such as the .m files) to prevent loss of data or work.

ESRI Canada Scholarship, 2015

ESRI Canada has given a scholarship to University of Saskatchewan students for the past several years. You can see previous winners on The Spatial Initiative (TSI) web site. They are offering this scholarship again this year. Details of the scholarship are available at the ESRI Canada website. (PDF file) Applications for the scholarship are to be sent via email to The deadline for application is January 24, 2015.

Applicants must have a “B+” average in their classes (i.e. a  minimum 75% average), and must include a CV and a transcript. They should also note how they have used ESRI software in the past. Other information required follows below: Continue reading