Mathematica 10 : now available

The latest version of Wolfram Mathematica, 10, is now available for access on campus. Here is how to get it set up.

From a campus computer, connect to the ftp server at this location. Download the file that matches your operating system. (Linux, Macintosh or Windows)

Once it is downloaded, run the file. If you have an earlier version of Mathematica installed, this should just run through, asking only a few questions.

If you do not have an earlier version installed, you will eventually get a screen asking for “activation”. Do not use the default online activation, select “Other ways to activate” instead. Then “Connect to a network license server” and give the server nameĀ

You are now all set to use all of the new functionality in the latest version of Mathematica!

As always, if you have any questions or problems, please send a note to our team at Research Computing!

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