Mathematica 10

Mathematica 10 has recently been released, and will be available on campus soon.

I wanted to let Mathematica users know that this is coming, and announce that Wolfram Inc. is giving an online, 2 hour presentation on the new features on Tuesday, July 29 starting at 11:00 AM (our time). There is no charge for the presentation. (Click here for the registration page.)

I saw a preview of the new features last month and there have some interesting developments. There are over 1000 new functions, and development of a number of new areas. One is that spatial data can be manipulated much better – for example, finding the nearest point of interest in a map. Another new area is what is being called Geometric Computation – solid modelling and meshing tools.

The topics covered in the online presentation will include:

  • Machine Learning
  • Geometric Computation
  • Image Processing
  • Visualization & Graphics
  • Structured Data
  • Semantic Data
  • Time Series
  • Geographic Computation
  • Report Generation
  • Key-Value Associative Arrays
  • Graphs & Networks

Wolfram is also promoting their “cloud” options. Please note that we do not subscribe to the Mathematica online service.

A post will be made in this blog when the software is available on campus.

Note: Wndows XP is no longer supported with this version. Windows XP has been removed from MicroSoft’s support as well. Check with your local computing support staff as to your options if you still use Windows XP.

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